Case Studies

Active ingredient extraction

HYDROTECH ENGINEERING IN THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY Hydrotech Engineering also provides solutions suited to the highly stringent pharmaceutical industry. Using advanced Semipermeable membrane technology Hydrotech Engineering can meet the needs for process water and ultrapure water. This specific process application enables the extraction of active ingredients through the concentration and purification of the matter according to […]

Pure water from brackish and seawater

Efficient processes The world’s shortage of freshwater is increasing on a daily basis. According to the United Nations by 2025 two-thirds of the world’s inhabitants will face water shortages. 97% of the water on earth is salted which is not usable for industry or agriculture. Using membranes’ desalination is an obvious solution to the lack […]

Zero liquid discharge textile

Confidence from achieving optimum results Example application: Textile Industry Water Reuse is a fundamental component in the battle for sustainable & integrated water resource management and water supply alternatives. The textile industry was the first to have embraced our Zero Liquid Discharge technology. Technology capabilities Today, Hydrotech Engineering is the leading company in this field […]

Digestate from anaerobic fermentation from biogas production

Leaders in purification Anaerobic digestion is a biological process by which the organic matter from various origin is turned into biogas for energy production. This energy production process generates a residual product called anaerobic digestate. The characteristics of this residual product are: organic matter difficult to biodegrade, high presence of suspended solids and an elevated […]

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