Pure water from brackish and seawater

Efficient processes

The world’s shortage of freshwater is increasing on a daily basis. According to the United Nations by 2025 two-thirds of the world’s inhabitants will face water shortages.

97% of the water on earth is salted which is not usable for industry or agriculture. Using membranes’ desalination is an obvious solution to the lack of fresh water we face.

In this difficult scenario Hydrotech Engineering provides efficient and economical solutions. Today, Hydrotech Engineering utilizes advanced Reverse Osmosis desalination technology to transform brackish and seawater into safe, affordable water for drinking and industrial uses.

Seawater for drinking and industrial use

Ultrapure water for specific industrial use

EDI technology to produce ultrapure water


Hydrotech Engineering provides turnkey solutions utilizing membranes technology designed specifically for the characteristics of treating different types of water sources in the most cost-effective way. No project is the same. For this reason each customer is treated singularly and is provided with a tailored solution.

Should there be the need to produce water with the highest purity level, Hydrotech Engineering can utilize the electrodeionization technology (EDI) after the membranes.

Thanks to this technology, that is not using chemical products (thus once again with a low environmental impact) we can produce ultrapure water for all the applications where water is required with extremely high characteristics, such as in the power and in the electronic industry fields.

  • Customers receive integrated, high quality and consistent systems
  • Modular designs adapt to site and project specifications for a unique solution
  • Engineering and field services are available to design, commission, or start up systems

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