Active ingredient extraction


Hydrotech Engineering also provides solutions suited to the highly stringent pharmaceutical industry.

Using advanced Semipermeable membrane technology Hydrotech Engineering can meet the needs for process water and ultrapure water.

This specific process application enables the extraction of active ingredients through the concentration and purification of the matter according to the most diversified Customer requirements.


Wastewater treatment is also an important part of pharmaceutical manufacturing for numerous reasons.

First, the pharmaceutical industry requires a large volume of water for various processes, and chemicals and other substances used in the manufacturing process often result in large amounts of wastewater with high levels of contaminants and/or organic content that require specialized treatment (whether for reuse or discharge).

Further, companies are increasingly integrating recycled water into their industrial processes.

This practice can yield significant benefits from an environmental standpoint, through the conservation of raw water resources or by helping to reduce energy consumption.

However, wastewater destined for recycling must also be treated appropriately before it can be reused, and in the case of pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, more intensive treatment is required.


Pharmaceutical industry wastewater varies enormously in flow and composition, depending on factors such as the production rate, the specific preparation being carried out, which activities are generating the waste water, etc. All these variables mean that the pollution of the final effluent can be very diverse and mutable over time.

The best techniques for treating the effluents generated by this type of industry depend on each specific case, given their considerable variation and the wide range of possible compounds.

Hydrotech Engineering can cope with all these variables to find the best solution in terms of process efficiency and operational costs always in compliance with the highest environmental and quality standards.

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