Digestate from anaerobic fermentation from biogas production

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Anaerobic digestion is a biological process by which the organic matter from various origin is turned into biogas for energy production.

This energy production process generates a residual product called anaerobic digestate.

The characteristics of this residual product are: organic matter difficult to biodegrade, high presence of suspended solids and an elevated nitrogen concentration.

COD reduction


TS reduction


TKN reduction


Recovery up to RO only
(purified water/inlet digestate)

75.0-80.0 %

Organic matter
from various

digestate from
a liability into
an asset

Hydrotech Engineering uses the most modern technologies in the field of semipermeable membranes which allow the removal and recovery of nitrogen present in digestate. In addition, high quality water is obtained which can be reutilized in the industrial process or discharged in accordance to the most stringent environmental regulations.

The process

Hydrotech Engineering has developed a multi-step process to treat digestate in the most efficient method.

Our process encompasses the following steps: MBR, side stream Ultra Filtration and double stage/double pass Reverse Osmosis.

Streams generated by our solution

  • 80% pure water which meets all discharge limits. Example: COD levels up to 10ppm. Clients reutilize this rich source of pure water for their industrial needs on site.
  • 20% Reverse Osmosis concentrate that can be either evaporated into an organic fertilizer or utilized in the humidification process for compost production

Our numbers

Since 2009 Hydrotech Engineering is the only company to have over 10 installations in operation treating digestate from anaerobic fermentation.

Together, our customers produce over 35 MW of power. These customers are able to efficiently treat digestate and monetize from its valorization.

Meets the most stringent limits

Achieves a Zero Discharge System

Operates on minimum running costs

Would you like to discover more about how to treat and valorize digestate with membrane-based solutions?

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