Zero liquid discharge textile

Confidence from achieving optimum results

Example application: Textile Industry
Water Reuse is a fundamental component in the battle for sustainable & integrated water resource management and water supply alternatives.
The textile industry was the first to have embraced our Zero Liquid Discharge technology.

Technology capabilities

Today, Hydrotech Engineering is the leading company in this field providing total effluent recovery. The companies using our technology in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh supply the top 5 global retailers with their fabrics, garments and houses-hold textiles.

Environmental benefits

By implementing our Zero Liquid Discharge technology our customers are reutilizing on a daily basis over 100,000 m3 of their effluent generated in the manufacturing process instead of discharging into local waterways.

Economic benefits

From a competitive advantage standpoint, our customers benefit from having the lowest industry running costs.

On average our technology utilizes 45% less to operate and manage than the competition making Hydrotech Engineering Zero Liquid Discharge the most  competitive technology today.

Our technology is modular enabling plants large and small to achieve ZLD. Currently, our customer portfolio ranges from treating 50-1000m3/h.

To learn more about Hydrotech Engineering please request an appointment by calling our office closest to your location.

Recovery of multistage RO (reused water/inlet waste water)
up to 93.0%
Multi stage RO: highest energy efficiency
1.50 kWh/m3 approx. for the entire recovery cycle up to the RO
Inlet Raw Water TDS
up to 10,000 ppm
Waste water from different Textile processes: no problem, we have been dealing with all of them

m3 daily recovery of industrial effluent

lowest industry running costs


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